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Watch The Tallest Man On Earth debut a new song in his self-produced video series



The Tallest Man On Earth (Kristian Matsson) is one of the best modern folk musicians/singers, crafting intimate, poetic, finger-picked songs that often recall folk music from decades past. Since August,  Matsson has been releasing a new song via a new self-produced video series titled “The Light In Demos,” every 2 weeks. The series is, as each video description explains, “produced, written, directed, recorded, shot and edited by The Tallest Man on Earth.”

Just today, we got the seventh song in this series, titled “I’m A Stranger Now,” and just like most things Matsson puts out, it’s truly wonderful. Watch the video below, and head over here to catch up on past episodes.

The Tallest Man On Earth says he has no plans to release a new studio album this year, but who knows, maybe all these excellent demo songs will end up on one sometime next year. In the meantime…


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