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William Ryan Key releases new single ahead of next month’s EP release

William Ryan Key has unleashed a new single ahead of the release of his EP Virtue next month.

The new track “Downtown (Up North)” details an intimate romantic longing accompanied by cello and acoustic guitar.

Key opened up about the experience of working on the song. “Working on ‘Downtown (Up North)’ was one of the coolest experiences of my musical career,” he recalled. “For many years now the music I listen to the most has been post-rock and instrumental. One of my favorite and most influential artists is Hammock. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Marc Byrd, one of the founding members, since I’ve moved to Franklin, TN. When I started writing for Virtue and had the demo for ‘Downtown’, I sent it to Marc and asked if he’d be interested in producing some cello for the song. I ended up getting to work with him and Hammock’s cellist, Matt Slocum [Sixpence None the Richer] on the track. I feel so lucky to get to work and collaborate with artists that inspire me. “

Listen here:



Virtue will be released November 26, 2018 via The Lone Tree Recordings.

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