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All Time Low re-records ‘Nothing Personal’, announce three shows



Ten years ago I pre-ordered All Time Low‘s Nothing Personal on CD (an old physical format for you youngsters out there) and remember freaking out when it came in the mail. It was the summer of ’09, three days after my sixteenth birthday and the scene era was going strong. I spent that summer in Kentucky with my greatest friend for one last hoo-rah before I moved to North Carolina. Her parents still had to drive us around the entire summer in their mini-van so I had to blast Nothing Personal on my iPod, but not without physically forcing my best friend to listen along. “Come on, it’s SO GOOD Ashley!” but she wasn’t having any of it. She was Modest Mouse kid and had no use for my cheesy pop-punk chords. I’m also pretty positive that I bought my All Time Low “GET LOW” booty shorts on the Nothing Personal support tour. I was (am) a super fan, so hearing that it’s been TEN years today since this record threw me for a loop.

“Weightless” was made available for streaming on March 24, 2009, via AbsolutePunk, receiving around 50,000 plays in 24 hours. “Maybe it’s not my weekend/but it’s gonna be my year” was the line of 2009 across every Myspace page and shot Nothing Personal to the top of five US charts. As an adult, “Weightless” is still incredibly relevant, although many All Time Low fans still prefer their earlier music to the pop-focused records that came with Nothing Personal and each record after.

All Time Low has re-recorded Nothing Personal with the Red Bull Records team and announced just three shows supporting it, so we hope to see you there! Tickets go on sale this Friday (Hustlers, check the site for your presale info).


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