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Animal Collective honor the late David Berman with a beautiful cover song



A few weeks back, the world lost the influential musician and overall great person David Berman. Berman spent years building up a following with his band Silver Jews until ultimately spending some time away to focus on other things. He recently returned with a new music project called Purple Mountains, whose self titled debut dropped just last month. The band were set to go out on tour starting this month, but Berman took his own life just days before the first date.

In the days and weeks since, many music fans and musicians have shared stories about how much of a profound impact Berman’s music made on them. One such band that shared their love and heartbreak was none other than Animal Collective. And now, they’ve followed up on their initial thoughts with a cover of the Silver Jews song “Ballad of Reverend War Character.” The recording only features members Avey Tate and Geologist, but nevertheless it’s a beautiful piece of work. It’s also the prime example of a band showing respect and gratitude for how much another artist impacted their work.

In a statement, Avey Tare and Geologist write:

”A few weeks ago we planned on seeing Purple Mountains together. Instead we spent the night listening to David’s records and talking about how much his music and art meant to us. He was an inspiration for decades. One we wouldn’t be here without. We’ve been playing covers of his music since 1994 when we first picked up guitars together, so it felt like one of the few things we could do to get through the sadness. The next day we worked on this cover of “Ballad of Reverend War Character”. Per the request from David’s family, all of the proceeds will be donated to MusiCares and Music Health Alliance, so pay as much as you want.”

Head over here to purchase/stream “Ballad of Reverend War Character.”

You can also stream the self titled album from Purple Mountains right down below.


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