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BIGSOUND festival announces keynotes from Bethany Cosentino, Vivien Goldman, and more



Australia’s annual music industry festival and conference BIGSOUND have just rolled out a major announcement with their batch of this year’s keynote speakers. The four speakers are Bethany Cosentino, Vivien Goldman, Sahara Herald, and Mojo Juju, all of whom bring a fresh perspective and unique talent to their respective corners of the industry. And all four together is no coincidence either, with the running theme this year being women in music.

First up, and likely the most well-known of the bunch, is Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino. She’s easily  best known for her work making some of the best summery indie songs of the last decade. But she’s also been an outspoken activist when it comes to speaking against sexism and sexual assault. She’s also taken the time to dive into her personal journey to sobriety, and how that’s affected her life.

Vivien Goldman has had her hands in all sorts of music-related careers. She’s been a hard-working journalist in the music industry for years, working for UK publications like NME, Sounds, and Melody Maker. But she’s also known for being Bob Marley’s first publicist, as well as a pirate radio host, musician (in the 80s new-wave duo Chantage), and now an acclaimed author. Her most recent book, Revenge Of The She-Punks chronicles female voices in the punk movement.

On another side of things, there’s Sahara Herald, whose been a staple throughout the live music industry for decades now. She’s worked as the National Event Co-ordinator of Big Day Out as well as within Mushroom Group’s Frontier Touring, who just appointed her Tour Director in 2018. She’s been a large part of the success of massive, record breaking tours from the likes of Lorde, The Killers, Troye Sivan, and more.

Finally, there’s Mojo Juju, a fiercely creative and vital musician in Australia. She’s racked up new listeners all over by taking them on a personal journey of self-discovery, which has led her to becoming one of Australia’s most important artists right now. She break through to even more ears with last year with her triple-ARIA nominated album Native Tongue.

This lineup of keynote speakers is already enough to make BIGSOUND an event you’re going to want to try and be a part of. But in addition to that, there will also be plethoras parties, live sets, and so much more. If you’re at all interested in music, especially the industry as a whole, do yourself a favor and try to get in on this. The event unfolds from September 3-6 in Brisbane. Tickets and press passes are available right now. For more information of purchasing tickets, as well as the full massive rundown of events, head right here.


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