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Aug 2 @ 10:30 pm
IAMDYNAMITE is the spirited, anthemic duo of Christopher Martin and Chris Phillips, two Michigan high school friends raised on the Seattle sound and 80s pop – anything with a beat that makes them move is an influence.

IAMDYNAMITE returns with an amazing follow up album to SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC in Wasa Tusa. This new record shows the creative reach IAMDYNAMITE has always possessed. The album highlights their melodic, hook laden songwriting skills and delivers on all emotional fronts.

When asked the difference between SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC and Wasa Tusa, Chris Martin commented, “Our first record was more of a documentation of our live show. This is our first record where the ultimate goal was to make cool and moving recordings, where the recording was the art form, not just a documentation of some songs. Our goal was to make recordings that make you feel something.”

Chris Phillips commented, ‘We took a no holds barred approach when recording this album. We needed to make a great album first and foremost. Our first album was written specifically for just drums and guitar, and to fully grab the attention of the listener and make them move. Wasa Tusa is just the next step for us as a band, it’s not just drums and guitar…. it’s so much more!’ Wasa Tusa is full of the catchy, powerful, and harmonic songs IAMDYNAMITE is known for, while showing a wider dynamic range that the band is fully capable of.

Wasa Tusa was recorded at Orb Studio in Austin, TX and finished back home in Michigan. Produced by Matt Noveskey, as well as IAMDYNAMITE, this time around the band has pushed themselves as writers, producers, and performers.

The first single, “In The Summer,” is poised to surpass the chart success IAMDYNAMITE experienced with “Where Will We Go.” That track spent over 20 weeks in the top 20 of the Billboard Alternative chart, a huge success for a debut single from the virtually, up to that point, unknown band out of Ann Arbor, MI. Two years of nonstop touring and airplay inspired so many new believers. Now the band stands poised to benefit from all those miles after delivering Wasa Tusa with 10 new tracks that will not only energize the existing fan base, but will create an even wider path of discovery for Chris and Chris.

Julie Dean and Kelly Hoppenjans
Aug 18 @ 4:00 pm
Julie Dean

Julie Dean

Julie grew up singing southern gospel in Houston. Her mom’s love of musicals and dad’s love of folk songs contributed to her musical upbringing. Her piano-playing sister forced her to sing songs constantly, from jazz standards to contemporary tunes. Country music rounds out her early music education, learning songs from movie soundtracks like the Electric Horseman, Coal Miners Daughter and Urban Cowboy. Her classical education led her to the opera world briefly, while jazz, blues and country stayed her musical home and passions.

In her short time as a songwriter, Julie’s singing history as a versatile vocalist have led to beautiful melodic writing, and her love of early jazz standards of the 20s-40s are reflected in her enticing harmonic changes.
Julie is in demand for musical events as guest artist around town, and sings with several groups in the Charlotte area. Her folk/country trio Sweetgrass Serenade, featuring Diana Wade on guitar and Bruce BK Keedy on guitar and mandolin, creates 3-part harmony on originals and covers. She is the beauty of her Beauty and the Blues duo with Chicago native guitarist and song-writer Keith Serpa. Julie brings a fresh spin on jazz standards with her ukulele, an angelic lightness to folk, old country/bluegrass and will surprise you with a little spunk in pop/country rock.

Teaching voice lessons for almost 20 years, she runs a successful voice studio training singers, beginners to professional. Working with a local laryngologist and voice therapists, she specializes in habilitating recovering injured voices.


Kelly Hoppenjans

Kelly Hoppenjans

Kelly has been singing for longer than she can remember. She earned her childhood nickname, Kellybird, because of her constant singing, for no one in particular but herself. Having moved around a lot as a kid, she relied on music and singing as a constant through all the change; so it’s fitting that she now calls Nashville home, since it’s such a musical city. 

Kelly’s music is intimate and personal, with wryly optimistic lyrics, catchy pop melodies, and a lush mix of stylistic influences from folk to rock to jazz. Her voice is the focal point, with her lilting yet conversational tone drawing comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Jewel, and Regina Spektor. Her indie-folk style, with its dry humor and inventive arrangements, has also been compared to Ben Folds, Ingrid Michaelson, Tori Amos, and Fiona Apple. She released her first EP, Simple Thing, in September of 2015 and her second EP, Dreaming Is Easy, in June of 2015. Her work has been featured in many publications, including NPR’s All Songs Considered, Ear to the Ground, East of 8th, Wolf in a Suit, and the Nashville Scene, and her music earned her a spot as a 2017 Kerrville New Folk Finalist and in 2017 Lightning 100 Music City Mayhem.

Through the five songs on her latest EP, Dreaming Is Easy, Kelly Hoppenjans has constructed a dreamscape of folksy yet unfamiliar sounds, inspired by the likes of Paul McCartney’s Ram, Imogen Heap and early Joni Mitchell. With its dark whimsy, arresting vocals, and inventive arrangements, Dreaming is Easy reminds the listener of the fantasy present in everyday life.