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Canavar drop frenetic new single “Daybreak”



Canavar have just dropped their new single “Daybreak,” the second to be shared from their upcoming self titled debut album. The track showcases the band’s keen ear for writing a tightly constructed tune that’ll stick in your mind. Undoubtedly, it leaves you wanting more, but in the best way.

“Daybreak” takes Canavar’s sound of blending metal-riffs with punk energy to a concise, memorable place. Instead of choosing to write a radio-ready single to get you hyped for their album, the band opted to smash the status-quo and present something uniquely their own. At just slightly over 2 minutes, the new single proves the band can weave concrete ideas and melodies into a small space. Luckily for everybody, we’ll get more from the band in just a day’s time as their debut drops tomorrow.

Check out the official video for “Daybreak” below. Just past it, you’ll find the album art and tracklist for Canavar.

01 Sacrilege
02 Brick By Brick
03 Moral Compass
04 Daybreak
05 Devil’s In The Details
06 Deadly Sins
07 Fire Inside
08 Lost And Found
09 Burnout
10 Blacklist
11 Ready And Willing

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