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Car Seat Headrest announce live compilation album ‘Commit Yourself Completely’



Back in 2016, Car Seat Headrest made a massive splash in the music scene with their album Teens Of Denial. It was the first album of new material made by a full band rather than solely by frontman Will Toledo, who had been putting out lo-fi music under the Car Seat Headrest name for years. Last year, they followed up the success of that LP by remaking an older CSH album Twin Fantasy as a full band. Basically, Toledo wanted to utilize the powers of a group of musicians as well as better production capabilities to give the album justice. It worked. They toured extensively around its release, and now they’ve announced a live album with songs pulled from those tour dates.

The new live LP is titled Commit Yourself Completely and is slated to be released digitally on June 17 via  Matador. The tracklist with consist of 9 songs compiled from a handful of tour dates from last year. Will Toledo shared this statement about the making of the comp:

”This is a compilation of songs from shows we played in 2018. We recorded every show we did that year, and I went through about 50 of them to get the final tracklist for this album. This isn’t necessarily the best possible version of each track, but it’s some of the most fun we’ve had on stage. I particularly remember the show we did in the small French town of Amiens, maybe the smallest show we did that year, and how great it felt to be up in people’s faces with everyone plugging in to the music right away.

The recordings we made of the shows came out very clean, so rather than try to artificially recreate how it sounded in the different venues night to night, I tried to give the whole album that in-your-face feeling, like we’re playing the songs right in front of you. When you’re onstage with everything happening at once, you never really know what it sounds like in the room anyways; all you know is how the music is feeling. Hopefully this will give you a sense of what these shows felt like.”

Ahead of the release date, which is just about five days away, the band have shared the live version of “Fill In The Blank,” the opening track from Teens Of Denial. You can check out the official live video of that right below here. Beyond that, you’ll find the album art and tracklist for Commit Yourself Completely.

01 Cosmic Hero (Live at the Tramshed, Cardiff, Wales)
02 Fill in the Blank (Live at Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH)
03 Drugs With Friends (Live at La Lune des Pirates, Amiens, France)
04 Bodys (Live at La Lune des Pirates, Amiens, France)
05 Cute Thing (Live at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England)
06 Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales (Live at O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England)
07 Destroyed by Hippie Powers (Live at the Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR)
08 Ivy (live at the Capitol Theater, Olympia, WA)
09 Beach Life-in-Death (Live at Crossroads, KC, Kansas City, MO)


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