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CYN drops intimate, striking video for “Terrible Ideas”



CYN kicked off this month with the release of her new single “Terrible Ideas,” and already she’s back with the official video. The new track is another showcasing of CYN’s smoothly stylish voice, which pairs perfectly with the sparse new video. The visuals were helped by director Quinn Wilson, in partnership with CHANEL Beauty. The idea was to get intimately familiar with CYN’s naturally beautiful face (and the striking lipstick that’s on it).

Speaking about the project, Quinn Wilson stated:

There’s a demand for natural beauty (finally)…CYN has that no doubt, it was such a pleasure to work with her. Our initial idea started with a concept based around lyrics written in lipstick on a mirror – after sitting with the song a bit, I realized how lyrically personal the song’s storytelling is. I wanted to bring the intimacy forward…I think that comes across most in the hyper close ups of CYN and between moments of her touching the lens. She’s so present in front of the viewer, looking at us straight on for the majority of the video, I loved her directness. Collaborating with Chanel on this was iconic, I think the brand partnership fit CYN very well.”

CYN also echos the greatness of the CHANEL collaboration, saying:

Collaborating with Chanel is a dream come true, always! I think writing with the lipstick on the mirror hints at a very confident, feminine side of my character. I’ve always aimed to embody Chanel through my own femininity, and I think that is revealed in the subtle details of this video.”

”Terrible Ideas” is an alluring song on its own, featuring some moody, darkly fun production, which CYN plays up prominently as she glides on top. It’s a distinctive sound for the singer, whose string of hit singles have been slowly rolling out over the past few years. She is currently signed to Katy Perry’s record label Unsub Records, picked because of Perry’s affection for CYN’s unique voice. The new single may stray a bit from what fans have come to expect, but it’s still undoubtedly a catchy, fresh sound from an artist still on the rise. It’s also a nice tease for what’s to come later in 2019. On that, we’ll have to wait. In the meantime…

Watch the video for “Terrible Ideas” down below.


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