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Danny Brown’s documentary has been shelved by Apple Music



Danny Brown was all set to release his first ever documentary film titled Live At The Majestic on November 7, but as many fans noticed the film never came out. Originally, Apple Music was going to have it as an exclusive, but after the release date came and went, fans took to twitter to ask Brown where it was. According to Brown, Apple Music shelved the project. He says “it’s not coming out” and that he’s “really hurt by the whole situation,” but has not released any additional details.

The film was not only going highlight a live performance, but it was also going follow Brown’s career trajectory over the past few years. Originally screened in New York last year, the doc has since not been widely available anywhere. Its debut on Apple Music this Tuesday was going to be the first official wide release.

If any other details are released, this post will be updated.


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