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Death Cab For Cutie get into a groove on new song “To The Ground”



In just a couple of weeks Death Cab For Cutie will be releasing their newest batch of songs with The Blue EP. The new material is the band’s first since last year’s mostly pretty great full length Thank You For Today. On that LP we heard the band really growing into their later career by deftly recalling their early work, albeit with some more polish. There were the poppy singles, of course, but much of that album was deeper, like a clean re-tooling of the sound so many first fell in love with.

And although it’s sure to be different, we can hear that idea come up again on what we’ve heard from The Blue EP. First it was “Kids in ‘99,” a nice reintroduction to the band’s catchy stylings. Today it’s the newest single “To The Ground,” which is not only the better of the two songs but also kind of better than anything on Thank You For Today. Yes it is still a fairly mid-tempo Death Cab track, but you can really hear the band gelling so succinctly. They lock into a nice groove, building tension, and crafting an atmosphere that we really haven’t heard since the criminally overlooked Narrow Stairs. It’s also got a fantastic climax, which is very welcome to these ears.

Speaking about the track’s origins, Ben Gibbard said:

“‘To the Ground’ was one of the first songs we worked on during the sessions for Thank You for Today. It remained a band favorite throughout the process; indeed, literally up until the week that we had to send the record off to be mastered, the idea was for it to either begin or end the record!

In the end, we decided that it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the tracks thematically, and we wanted to give it a proper home where it could stretch its legs and take up the grand amount of space it demanded. Happily, the perfect home has been found – kicking off The Blue EP.”

Give “To The Ground” a listen right down below.

The Blue EP drops September 6. Pre-order it now.


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