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Earl Sweatshirt announces new music coming tomorrow



Earl Sweatshirt has kept to himself mostly since the release of 2015’s genius album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. That LP ushered in a new era for Earl, wherein he started really maturing as an artist, creating some of the best hip hop that year. Towards the end of 2017, he had said that new music was coming in 2018. But thus far, none has really materialized. Last week, though, new Earl music was teased in a radio promo interlude on the new Vince Staples album FM! And this week it looks like things are all about to fall into place.

Early on this week, Earl Sweatshirt took to instagram to start really teasing out some new music. He posted a short video with hazy images and a sample of what sounds like new music on Monday. He followed that up with a similar video yesterday. And today he’s shared yet another one. Except this time there’s a caption that reads: “NOWHERE2GO TOMORROW MORNING TAP IN.” Whether or not NOWHERE2GO is a full album or a single from a new album isn’t clear right now. But we’ll for sure be finding out tomorrow.

Check out the most recent teaser video down below.


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