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Kadhja Bonet announces new album ‘Childqueen,’ shares new single “Mother Maybe”



Kadhja Bonet made an impressive modern soul album back in 2016 with her debut The Visitor. It was an album that seemed to come out of nowhere, taking listeners by surprise with its depth and beauty. Throughout much of last year, Bonet’s music continued to grab new listeners. But in all that short time, she was keeping herself busy creating a new, more ambitious album.

Announced late last week, Bonet’s new album Childqueen will be dropping June 8 through Fat Possum Records. The album has been described by her label as a hero’s quest to find the “childqueen,” what Bonet says is the “innermost self that you were truthfully and instinctively before the press of the world came crushing in.” Across 10 new tracks, we’ll hear Bonet crafting entire songs herself, with every sound and word created by the genius herself. Bonet says: “this record crushed my ego, and I’m surprised I’m still alive.” 

Alongside the announcement, Bonet has also shared the first single from the upcoming LP “Mother Maybe.” The new track is a futuristic-esque, groove-oriented soul number, with Bonet’s gorgeous vocals guiding the sounds to new levels. Check it below.

01 Procession
02 Childqueen
03 Another Time Lover
04 Delphine
05 Thoughts Around Tea
06 Joy
07 Wings
08 Mother Maybe
09 Second Wind
10 Nostalgia

Pre-order Childqueen right here.


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