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Kero Kero Bonito drop new song/video “When The Fires Come”



Kero Kero Bonito made quite the waves last year with their back-to-back releases of the TOTEP EP and their sophomore full length Time ‘n’ Place. And although that would be more than enough to keep the band going for some time, they’re already back. Today, the strange electronic pop trio dropped a brand new single out of nowhere with “When The Fires Come.” And yes it’s fun and trippy and a little off, like with much of the band’s work.

“When The Fires Come” might display a more serious subject matter and an apocalyptic music video, but at its core it’s still a generally smooth pop jam. As a whole it kind of recalls much of the streamlined sounds found on the band’s 2016 debut Bonito Generation. Yet folded into it are those sparks of surrealism that got so many people engaged into their music on last year’s EP and LP. In short, it sounds like the band are combining all of what they do best while continuing to move forward into some new territory. And what more could we ask for?

As you read the title of the new single, and watch the full music video, you might start to get a sense of just what Kero Kero Bonito are doing here. But if you don’t, allow the band to explain it themselves:

”’When the Fires Come’ is about the worldwide wildfires heralding the seemingly imminent climate change apocalypse. It was partially inspired by our experience on tour in North California last year, when we got caught underneath the smoke cloud from the Camp Fire. The video was shot on the hottest day of 2019 in Britain.”

Watch the video for “When The Fires Come” right down below.

Kero Kero Bonito are also gearing up for a new batch of tour dates this fall. Check out the full list right here.


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