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KM is a hip-hop artist that currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Although KM was originally born on German soil and spent a few years of his early childhood in Arizona he calls Fredericksburg, Virginia home. KM’s genre of music and sound is not that of your typical hip hop artist. A clear-deep often perfectly pronunciated voice mixed with a southern twang is the sound of KM. His topics tend to hit on subjects young adults face on a daily basis and even shift gears to that of a more creative imaginary story-teller. Past songs have tapped into love lost, paying back student loans, childhood upbringing, the stresses of having a 8-5 and the never ending tale of the pursuit of happiness. Citing such artist as Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, 21 pilots, J Cole, Pusha T and Sparta KM doesn’t put his sound in a box. has simply described KM’s music as “DOPE”, while has called recent projects “FIRE”. Local Charlotte (CLT) artist such as Smoove Lai, J-Star and Kid at Heart have all praised KM as a hip hop artist.

1.     How long have you been a resident of the Charlotte area? If not originally from here where did you come from? 

5 years, I moved here from Fredericksburg Virginia.

2.     What are some of your favorite hidden gems around the Charlotte area? 

I would not consider them hidden but they are places that allowed me to perform. Evening Muse, Common Market and Jack Beagles.

3.     What got you into Music? and what keeps you wanting to do it? 

I just started freestyling in high school. I started to get better so I wanted to write stories about my life. Everyday is different and gives me a new story to write. It’s my stress reliever.

4.     What are some of your other hobbies besides music? 

Play sports (Basketball, Flag football, Soccer). I also like researching new technologies and business ideas.

5.     What is your go to karaoke song? 

I do not participate in Karaoke.

6.     Who are some of your influences? Music or otherwise? 

Bone Thugs are favorite band but I have been influenced by Jcole, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper and Lupe Fiasco.

image7.     Which Spice Girl is your favorite? 

Really, I will go with Geri Halliwell.

8.     What is one of your favorite songs you have written and why? 

Bank Statement, The song is all about tragedy I went through in the past year.

9.     What was the first concert you attended? 

I cant remember the bands name but it was back in Fredericksburg a long time. One of my favorite concerts was 21 pilots.

10.  Describe yourself in three words. 

Relentless, determined and focused.

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