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Lindsy Says planning for breakout 2018, release of new video



Lindsy Says is preparing to release their new music video.

Lindsy Says is a rock band on a mission to bring back the party. A Rock n Roll band from the depths of the serious “doom and gloom” attitude that rock music has descended to.  Think of an updated/modernized version of Motley Crue with a side of Guns n Roses dipped in Poison … LS creates tongue and cheek, fun filled songs, which quickly turn into anthems that you can’t stop screaming along to, all while thrusting your fist in the air.

The band rebooted their LIVE show in 2017 by opening slots for the likes of national touring bands like Hawthorne Heights, Saving Abel, and Hed PE (to name a few) … and now they are poised to break out all over the USA for even more shows in 2018!

They are also releasing their debut video for the song “Hold on Me”, which was shot, and produced with Full Sail alum Vince Ferrari, so there is much anticipation of that video/single to take storm in 2018.

And if that wasn’t enough, these workaholic’s are in the studio in the midst of recording new tracks with Shane Derek Grush (Wilson/Artifas/No Resolve) which they expect to hit Sirrus XM radio in April/May 2018 and keep with their rotation on numerous Rock Rage Radio shows and Rock on the Rise Radio (50 countries).

The band is also in talks with Pavement music (Candlebox/Dishwalla/Smile Empty Soul) on signing an artist partnership, including a world distribution deal.

We got a chance to chat via email with the guys behind Lindsy Says about their music and new video.


When and why did you start playing music and how did you guys meet?

To get girls… We met on CL .. lol   Music is life.. Lindsy Says is a rock band on a mission to bring back the party Rock n Roll band from the depths of the serious “doom and gloom” attitude that rock music has descended to.  Think of an updated/modernized version of Motley Crue with a side of Guns n Roses dipped in Poison.. Yeah.. Then bring all of that shit together, and spin it up with some modern sound… Now you’ve got a taste of why Lindsy Says will get a “Hold on you” ..

What was the first tune(s) you learned? 

Mary had a little lamb.. in Drop D.. jk.. We all have ours im sure.. mine was “Poison “Talk Dirty
to me”, and Hinder “Lips of an Angel”, or my all time fav “Sweet Child O mine”!! GN Fuckin R!

Who were/are some of your influences? 

Beethoven and Kesha (of Course! lol)  Motley Crue is our biggest influence.. but we have all kinds of influences..

What are a few local places you like to play? 

We are sprayed around the country.. since two guys are in Savannah, and two guys in Charlotte/Raleigh.. Then there is hard to pigeon hole a LOCAL scene for us..  America maybe??? lol

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Charlotte? Bands? Venues?

Charlotte – Fillmore underground seems like a good idea, however harder edge rock has not seen an increase.. With that being said, there are RHCP/RATM tributes booked there every other month.. so just new original rock bands need to break through those pop barriers..  We have had more success in Savannah at Stage on Bay.. and The Warehouse in Clarksville TN (Near Nashville)..  We want to start a presence in Charlotte, and Raleigh (Maybe Southland Ballroom?), but have not developed the contacts with other bands to put together a killer show. But it will come..

Talk us through the new song and video? Who came up with the ideas?

“Hold on Me” is our new song/video.  The song is about a chick Jared was hung up on i think.. lol .. for real thought.. The video depicts 4 situations of how things or sins if you will.. that you allow in your life, can take over your whole world, and over power you.  Video should be out in the next couple of weeks. *See the teaser video below.

Any hidden gems you have found in Charlotte that people should check 

Charlotte has great beer!  We love beer! lol  Triple C is a fav, and Noda brewing.. Raliegh has Big Boss…  Savannah has New Moon brewing off of River street.. We will be playing a festival in March on River street.. Great crowds down there!!!

What was the first CD/Cassette/Album you ever owned? 

Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood

How do your songs come together?

They start with a riff.. either a singing riff with guitar /drums fleshed out later, or the other way around..  Your process to create a song?  We don’t have a set process.. but mostly we come to our producer with many ideas, and then we decide the best ones to play with and see where they go.. The best ideas are the ones that are collective..

To someone who hasn’t heard your music, give us three words to 
describe it… 

Modern Motley Crue  …  or ….. Badass Fun RocknRoll ….. or  Kickstart My Heart .. or …. Party With Us!!!!!!!

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