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Listen to Jimmy Tamborello’s remix of Death Cab For Cutie’s “Summer Years”



Death Cab For Cutie released their newest album Thank You For Today a few months back. Although it’s a not quite a return-to-form album, it’s definitely one of the best later-career albums from the group. Since its release, they’ve spent a good deal of time on the road. But yesterday they shared a new remix of album track “Summer Years,” and the featured remixer is none other than Postal Service member Jimmy Tamborello.

The Postal Service, an electronica side project from Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard and musician Jimmy Tamborello, only ever released one album, 2003’s Give Up. That album has become one of the biggest is in the indie genre, going so far as to be certified Platinum. And although fans are still clamoring for a follow-up, it’s unlikely that will ever happen. Why tarnish the legacy with an album that likely could never meet expectations? Instead, Gibbard has been happily continuing with Death Cab For Cutie for years, just as Tamborello has continued released music under the Dntl name. So, this new remix is probably as close as we’re going to get to the band reuniting.

In its original album form, “Summer Years” a jangly guitar-driven tune, but with this new remix things get unsurprisingly electronic. The moody, mellow tone, however, remains firmly intact as nearly all of the instruments get replaced with electronica sounds. Although Thank You For Today sounds pretty nice as a mostly guitar-led record, it might be kind of cool to hear a totally remixed version. Whether or not that’ll happen remains to be seen.

In the meantime, give a listen to Jimmy Tamborello’s “Summer Years” remix down below.

Buy Thank You For Today right here.


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