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PREMIERE: Pvrception – “These Feaux”



Experience Pvrception’s dive into his own electronic story with both smooth, yet tense lyrics and melodies on his newest single “These Feaux”.


A multi-talented artist, Wilson has jumped in another direction with upcoming EP Poison Tongue Boy out February 15th, featuring a fantastic 90’s album cover and video game inspired synth. After five years of writing and performing alternative rock as the founder of Almost Famous Friends, a passion developed for taking his ideas and emotions to new levels. Thus Pvrception was born.

“These Feaux” is a continuation of my search for a new sound with every venture back to the drawing board. When I wrote this song I wasn’t even going in to write a song specifically, but just to jam on some new sounds and get out some energy. The synth vibes on this song definitely stem from my electronic influences, I have always loved making big synth chords and the beat for this song was a perfect opportunity to try my voice over top some synths. I absolutely plan to experiment more with synths, it’s a sound I’ve really grown to love over the past 3 years. – Tristan Wilson


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