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Sam Setton shares smooth new single “Gum”



NYC-based artist Sam Setton is sliding into the New Year with the release of his new single “Gum.” The new track comes after a year that saw Setton growing even more as an artist. After garnering millions of streams in total from his past singles, he started becoming known as an impressive live act. Last year, he made his LA debut at The Peppermint Club as well as opened for Robert Delong at the classic Bowery Ballroom. And now he’s ready to reach even more ears in 2019.

“Gum” is kicking off Sam Setton’s year in a flourishing style. The new track features his trademark sound of sultry R&B, but the real highlight here is how well he utilizes his voice within the music. The spaciousness of the slow grooving instrumentals give Setton’s voice room to entwine itself within the music underneath. The moody slow-burn also provides an ear-catching hook that’ll likely have you wanting to hit repeat a few more times after first hearing it. Speaking about the title, Setton says that the feeling of falling in love can be “so amazing but also fleeting” reminiscent of “the burst of flavor when you first chew a piece of gum.” That chase of first-love feeling hits you immediately with Setton’s first croons and only gets enhanced more as the song builds up.

Stream “Gum” right here.


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