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SoFar Charlotte show recap.



3 acts.

First. Daddy’s Beamer. Bro band with some solid guitar riffs. Loud kick your shoes off and dance band. Pretty solid ballads.

Second. Von Hunter. Solo acoustic guitarist. Singing his heart out about love and hate. Really soulful and powerful lyrics. Smooth. Easy listening.

Third. Downtown abbey and the echoes. Bad ass female vocalist with a rustic melissa Etheridge kinda Stevie nicks voice. Saxophone piano drums guitar. Amazing talent. Felt like me and my dad could be jamming together.

DTA were definately the favorite of ours. They sound like they have the most experience too which helped of course. The Daddy’s Beamer band sounded like they’re pretty new. Have good intentions but just not like smoothly together.

Divine barrel brewing is really cool too. Lots of low hanging lights and plants from the ceiling and some bomb ass beer. Overall 8.5/10. It was a little cold. Haha.

Nü Sound correspondent Myra Clark.

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