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Soft Kill celebrate a new sound with stylish video for “Saint”



Earlier this year, Soft Kill shared their eerie new one-off single “Saint.” The track saw the Portland, Oregon-based punk band teaming up with Adam Klopp of Choir Boy. And the results are astoundingly rich, with tons of synth grooves and layers of atmospheric gloom (which is a very good thing). Although it may not be the start of a new album rollout, the single is still being given special treatment as it’s set to appear as the A-side on a forthcoming 7″ record. And now, the band have once again highlighted the song with the release of a unique and compelling music video.

Speaking about the track’s creation and Soft Kill’s intention with it, frontman Tobias Grave says:

“‘Saint’ was originally written for a side project. [It was] sent to Adam to play around with. He ended up going above and beyond what I expected with not only the verse vocals, but new layers of synth and percussion, pushing the overall production to new heights.

In the back of my mind it always felt like this should go on a future Soft Kill release, but wasn’t right for Savior[2018, Profound Lore] due to the circumstances surrounding that album. Existing as its own thing on a 7” single made the most sense, and allowing [director] RA Image to creative their own incredible visual narrative, without any direction from us, felt right too. All in all the project is a celebration of stepping outside control and one’s comfort zone, at least it has been for me.”

The video celebrates the specific, throwback styled sounds of the song by presenting all the visuals with a VHS-like haze and warped neon streaks of color. It’s the perfect pairing with the song, highlighting all the features that make it so strange and stylish.

Director RA Image shared this statement about the creation of the video:

“Filming ‘Saint’ was the beginning of journey that I will remember as a director for a lifetime. I faced challenges that inspired new forms of art and creativity allowing me as an artist to flow through the music with brand new ideas to film and bring to life. It was a project that was not possible to do alone; multiple worlds were involved in the making of this music video from dance to costume design, makeup, and special FX. The cast and I had a great time filming we all had a part in putting the story line together and it felt like a genuine collaborative effort between multiple artists.”

Check out the video for “Saint” down below.

Pre-order the 7″ of “Saint” right here.


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