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In October last year the modern art-pop band Populuxe dropped their newest LP Lumiere. The trio have been hard at work crafting their finely tuned garage rock and catchy pop tunes for decades now. They initially formed back in 1995 in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, the band have released three full length LPs as well as one mini-opera EP. And now they’re back with Lumiere, an album that twists around artsy seriousness with carefree glam.

The term “populuxe” originated back in the 50s as a way to describe the denote the demand for inventive design. The portmanteau jams together the words “popular” and “luxury” to describe a very specific aesthetic. Fittingly, the term can also easily apply to Populuxe the band with their blend of pop music stylings with a more fleshed out sound. They also have quite a bit of a throwback vibe themselves, reflecting the 60s and 70s sounds of early Pink Floyd and David Bowie. In fact, band leader Rob Shapiro states:

“We were a bunch of inquisitive kids who were steeped in the wide-ranging radio of the 1970s, fed a steady diet of crass-commercialism and experienced a slew of emotionally confusing events.”

And not-surprisingly, that succinct summation is in a way exactly what Populuxe sounds like. Lumiere is the band’s most honest and challenging records yet. Steeped in a love of classic garage rock, the new LP is the band presenting a very clear-eyed artistic vision. But don’t let all the talk fool you into thinking this is a hard-to-grasp record, for throughout its 8 tightly packed tracks, a beam of light catchiness bursts through.

Stream Lumiere right here.


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