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Sufjan Stevens shares Christmas song rarity “Lonely Man Of Winter”



If you’re familiar with Sufjan Stevens at all, you’re likely highly aware of his massive collection of Christmas music. It all started in 2001 when Sufjan decided to record a short Christmas EP for his friends and family. He enjoyed the idea so much he kept doing it for a few years. The end product was a 5 EP boxset titled Songs For Christmas, which got an official CD release in 2007 and a first-ever vinyl release just this week. He continued to record a new Christmas EP nearly every year following the Songs For Christmas release, which culminated in the 2012 boxset Silver & Gold. And while it is unknown at this time whether or not Sufjan is gearing up to release another collection of Christmas music soon, we do have cause for celebration. Because today Sufjan has shared a brand new Christmas song. Well, mostly brand new.

“Lonely Man Of Winter” was originally recorded for a contest winner way back in 2007. To promote the Songs For Christmas boxset, Stevens ran a contest called the Xmas Song Xchange wherein fans would record their own Christmas song. The winner was a song called “Every Day Is Christmas” by Alec Duffy. As per the contest, Duffy was gifted a new Christmas track by Sufjan Stevens. That song was “Lonely Man Of Winter.” Duffy has been the sole person who has held onto this song, but now it’s getting an official release for all of us to enjoy.

“Lonely Man Of Winter” is part of a 3 track EP released from Sufjan’s Asthmatic Kitty Records label in conjunction with original contest winner Alec Duffy. Duffy founded and works as Artistic Director for the non-profit Brooklyn performance venue JACK. The EP features the original track, Duffy’s winning song, and a newly recorded version of “Lonely Man Of Winter” (Doveman mix, featuring Melissa Mary Ahern). It’s now available digitally as well as on a limited 7″, with all proceeds going to support JACK.

Stream the original “Lonely Man Of Winter” down below.

Head right here to stream the other two tracks.


The vinyl boxset of Songs For Christmas is available now.


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