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The Ophelias share new song “General Electric”



The Ophelias announced their recent big news back in May, but we haven’t heard much from the band since then. They had signed to Joyful Noise to release their sophomore LP Almost with fan/label-mate Yoni Wolf producing. The band haven’t seen much huge success since the small release of their debut in 2015. But last year it was featured as a limited vinyl as part of Joyful Noise’s white-label subscription series. That seemed to be the takeoff point for the group as they picked up a number of new listeners, and it likely opened the door for the label to want to release their new album. Because the thing about The Ophelias is once you hear their music, you’re pretty well-hooked in to their sound.

When they announced their new album, the band shared opening track and first single “Fog,” and they’ve shared another. New single “General Electric” is the second song off of Almost. It continues in the sound laid down by the first single with its perfect blend of sunniness and melancholy. Lyrically and vocally, the new single sounds a bit subdued, but it contains multitudes of bright spots with its gliding instrumentation. It’s yet another indication that The Ophelias are primed and ready to win you over, subtly. Give it a listen right below here.

Almost is out July 13. Pre-order it now.


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