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Tycho announce new album ‘Weather,’ share new song “Pink & Blue”



About a month ago, Tycho dropped a great new single, hinting that a new album was already slated for release sometime this year. The new work was said to be a departure from the trilogy of albums that came before. Listening to the new song “Easy,” it wasn’t abundantly clear what this departure was supposed to be. But now, it’s much more evident. For today, Tycho have announced the new album officially, as well as shared yet another new single.

Tycho’s fifth studio album is titled Weather and will be headed our way July 12 via Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune. The new LP will feature a mere 8 songs, making it the ambient group’s shortest album yet. But that’s not the only stark difference, for the album will feature honest-to-goodness vocals on five songs. All vocal duties will be handled by Saint Sinner (Hannah Cottrell). To get a good sense of what this will sound like, look no further than the album’s newest single “Pink & Blue.” Essentially, the added vocals make Tycho sound more in-line with the recent string of low key, downtempo, electronic indie rock bands. And that’s not really bad a thing.

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, singer Saint Sinner shared this statement:

”The lines, Oh, pink and blue, you know I look good on you, originally stemmed from when I was romantically involved with a man and a woman simultaneously, for the first time in my life. It was a defining moment for me. I went from being a young religious kid who thought she would marry a man to a young woman who realized her love for women. I now found myself somewhere in the middle, leaning more closely to women. “Pink & Blue” is a love song to no one, to everyone, and to myself. It’s a sweet reminder to all lovers to hold onto their love with open arms; to be fearless about any type of love and to be fearless about losing their love. Love is never lost.”

Check out “Pink & Blue” right below here. Also, below you’ll find the purely instrumental version of the track (which sounds like your typical Tycho song – again not a bad thing), as well as the album art and tracklist for Weather.

01 Easy
02 Pink & Blue
03 Japan
04 Into the Woods
05 Skate
06 For How Long
07 No Stress
08 Weather

Pre-order Weather right here.


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