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Tycho share new song “Easy,” tease upcoming album



Tycho may have taken a slight break since their last full length, 2016’s Epoch, but now they’re back and ready to take over 2019 with soothing ease. The band, originally started solely by Scott Hansen, has morphed into an actual full band, with lusher soundscapes and production flourishes. One might think, where are they going to go next? Well, today we have a sort-of answer with the release of brand new single “Easy.”

“Easy” is essentially what you’ve likely come to expect from Tycho. The ambient/electronic instrumental project have kept their sound fairly tight, primarily focusing on synths, drums, bass, and a hint of guitar. The new song has all of those things, and yet remains refreshing in some way. Although it may not stick out to you with one listen, dive a bit deeper and you’ll find there are newt touches all throughout. It’s also a modest, quiet start to the next phase in Tycho’s discography.

Speaking about the track, Scott Hansen stated:

”My journey as an artist has been defined by an iterative cycle with each album building on and refining an overarching vision. ‘Easy’ is about coming to terms with my past and defining a clear vision moving forward. It’s a comforting voice that reminds you not to get so lost in the work, but to take it easy and enjoy the ride. ‘Easy’ is the bridge to the future.”

At this point, all we have is this song, but rest assured: a new album is indeed on way sometime this year. About the upcoming album’s overall sound, Hansen went on to elaborate:

”Music can transport us to other realities but can also ground us firmly within ourselves. After a trilogy of records spent exploring the outer reaches of experience, I am focusing inward to reveal a human side to the music.”

To get a hint of that human side, check out the new song “Easy” down below.


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