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UK’s Lizzy Farrall new video for catchy new song “Make Up Sex”



Speaking of the track, Lizzy says “When it came to writing ‘Make Up Sex’ I was feeling tired of how subtle I had been making my lyrics in previous songs. I’d always tried to keep them subtle so it didn’t completely give up the story behind them.  With ‘Make Up Sex’ that completely went out the window. The story behind these lyrics is about abusive and controlling relationships. It focuses on topics about feeling the lack of self worth that a relationship like that can have on someone and also manipulative behaviour. I will admit it’s probably the darkest song I’ve written, but I feel very strongly about this topic and that it is not being spoken enough about.”
Lizzy Farrall also wrote the creative for the striking music video, something of which she says she “wanted it to stand out by having the video to be slightly peculiar and eye-catching.” She took inspiration from Crime Dramas such as ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Big Little Lies’, both show plot lines which are based around abusive and controlling relationships.  She continues “I wanted the storyline in the video to almost carry out another story to the lyrics and enhance how unhealthy these relationships can be. I can’t thank Adam Webb enough for making my idea come life.”
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