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Watch Animal Collective’s full film for new audiovisual album ‘Tangerine Reef’ now



Animal Collective released their eleventh studio album Tangerine Reef today. As you likely already know the project is being touted as an audiovisual album. Meaning, you get a full film that corresponds directly to the batch of new songs. This is an experiment the band played around with back in 2010 with ODDSAC. But whereas that was only released as a film (with music in it), Tangerine Reef comes packaged as a standard album and a full film.

So, alongside you being able to buy and stream Tangerine Reef right now, you can also watch the full film version for free. The visuals have been handled by Coral Morphologic, featuring richly detailed close-up footage of reef creatures. Basically, it’s like one of those neat IMAX nature films but it swaps out the narration for Animal Collective music. Pretty sweet deal, eh? The music itself is very much in-line with what the band have been experimenting with lately. It’s got the sparse, spacey nature of the band’s Meeting Of The Waters EP from last year and Avey Tare’s 2017 solo LP Eucalyptus. But at the same time, it’s very much harkening back to their more experimental earlier days.

But you figure it out for yourself. Watch the full film Tangerine Reef right below here.

Want just the audio? Go on and stream Tangerine Reef here or pick up a physical copy here.


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